The Graceful Warrior Calendar

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As a graceful warrior, we are learning to balance our lives between masculine and feminine. The masculine part of ourselves is the (discipling, planning, analyzing) part and feminine is the (grace, letting go, nurturing) side of ourselves. This is how we stay in our own fullness- by using structures that allow for more space so we can nurture and take care of ourselves.


We must cultivate space in order to nurture and take care of ourselves!  How do we do this? We use a calendar to carve out time – either on your phone or a paper copy, trust me, this works!! I’ve just started doing it and it’s amazing how setting alarms on my phone can hold me accountable.


By nurturing a relationship with your inner authority, your inner disciplinary, you cultivate trust in your own discernment and consequently you start to show up with more confidence. Your inner Graceful Warrior comes forth!


What does your ideal week look like?

List all the things you want to include in this one week and categorize them, starting with the most important.

Use your discernment to eliminate any actions that don’t serve your happiness.

You may use a piece of paper or digital calendar. Start the process of carving out 5-10 minutes of self-care in the morning, evening, or both, at least 3 days per week.

Examples: Yoga, deep breathing, meditation, or something less formal like doing some dishes while breathing, or as soon as the alarm goes off in the morning take 10 deep breaths!

What is your self-care routine? What other things will you add to your calendar?

Here is an example of my calendar:

Graceful Warrior Calendar.jpg