Saraswati’s Hypnosis Ritual

Allowing Your Intuition to Guide You!

Home Practice 6


Saraswati is the solitary woman, the studious one, the one who is married to her laboratory, the artist in the studio, the writer at her desk. She is the one who is involved in the inner contemplations and meditations of the soul, the one who doesn’t get involved in the world’s confusing messages. Often, the Saraswati woman is the one who is in pursuit of her inner soul and will often have to give up partnership with her beloved for her own reasons. As a Saraswati woman, it is often in the non-partnering times of life, in self-introspection and deep inner listening, where you seem to flourish or seem to be more dedicated.


In this practice, Saraswati invites you to continue connecting with your inner child. This is the way to true healing. When we connect in with the part of ourselves we’ve neglected all these years, our inner child, we become more joyful, spontaneous, and loving! We tap into a new well-spring of creativity that allows us to glow from the inside out; we literally come alive once we find this deep well of magic and radiance!



















Positive Statements from Saraswati Used During Your Hypnosis Journey…


I understand that my body is a temple and I choose to listen to it every day.

I am Saraswati, Goddess of Creativity.

I am Saraswati, Goddess of intuitive knowing.

I remain fully open to the message of my intuition. I listen to my intuition each day.

I remain fully open to the message of my creativity. I take time to create each day.

I am the Creatrix of my life. I get to choose what I want to create with my words, my thoughts, my actions, and my beliefs.

I observe the pause between each breath.

In breath, out breath, like waves of the ocean tide coming and going.

When I open myself up, I can hear my inner voice. I embody my own wisdom and realize that my intuition is always here guiding my every step and decision.

Every day in every way my intuition is growing stronger and stronger


**NOTE: Upon awakening from hypnosis, you will embody these and take them into your world and live them out**



Music Credits:

Sound Bowls – Nicole Edwards

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**NOTE: Many hold the notion that hypnosis is mind-control. Hypnosis is not mind-control. You will be able to come out of the hypnotic state anytime you wish. You are in control of it. It's not in control of you. It is, however, advised that you don't listen to this recording while operating a car or other heavy machinery.