Saraswati’s Inner Child Ritual

Meet Your Inner Child!

Home Practice 5

(Part I)


When we stay in the adult world of thoughts, agendas, plans, and responsibilities, we cut ourselves off from our bodies. Often referred to as living in our heads, we abandon ourselves. Saraswati calls us to get out of our heads and into our bodies by accessing our inner child living within each one of us.

As you experience and reparent the wounded child, that is the angry and vulnerable child, you will naturally see the magical, joyful child being to emerge and heal your life.


One way to find that inner child, nurture it, and include her in your life is by meeting her and listening to her needs!

As Saraswati is the goddess of music, art, dance, playful spontaneity, innovation, and insight, I decided to bring out my sound bowls to help you access her! I invite you to use this sound transmission to feel deeper into her essence and to “Meet Your Inner Child.”

Just as a child may not trust their parents who are careless, thoughtless or cruel, your inner child may not trust us who have been cruel, thoughtless, and careless with her.


Items needed: Mantras from previous session, art supplies/journal




Journal with Saraswati:

How do you know you have a healthy inner child living within you? One way is through reflecting:

During this ritual, did I berate my inner child for ugly artwork, or did I let her have fun/play?

Whichever way you showed up, is this also the way you show up outside? Just noticing, no judgment.

Recognize this as the harsh inner parent.

Where in your life can your harsh inner parent show your inner child some warmth and compassion?

Now with your dominant hand, write out what you feel about the drawing, about your inner child?

What does she seem to be saying to you?

As you do, you begin to dialogue with her:


Ask your inner child some questions and answer as her, as your child self: Begin by asking


Adult: What’s your name?

And then answer as your child self: My name is

Adult: How old are you?

Child: I am __________

Adult: What do you like to do?

Child: I like to __________

Adult: What don’t you like?

Child: I don’t like __________

Adult: What would you like me to do for you?

Child: I like you to _________________________________


Now speak to your inner child to begin the process of re-parenting her…


Sample: “I love you, Nicole. I have loved you since the day you were born. You are so appreciated. I vow to pay attention to you from this day forward. I vow to give you what you need and what you deserve. I vow to protect you from those mean people. I’m glad you showed up today and are here with me. I love you so much. I vow to give you the affection and the hugs and kisses you need from me this day forward.”



Music Credits:

Live Sound Bowls & Chimes – Nicole E. Edwards

Ruby Quartz – Crystal Tones