Lalita’s Ritual of Pleasure

Awakening All Senses

Home Practice 5

(NOTE: This practice includes a hypnotic journey of trance. As such, it is an invitation to please take care of yourself. Do NOT do this while driving or operating heavy machinery. Opposite of long-held misconceptions, hypnosis is not mind-control and you DO have the ability to exit out of hypnosis at any time while in the trance state. Hypnosis works because it accesses the Alpha state, our subconscious mind. As such, many say the suggestions given during hypnosis have helped them make profound changes to their mood, their beliefs about self and others, as well as their own decisions/actions. You may opt out of this practice if you choose at any point. If you DO choose to partake in it, you will learn how to access your 5 senses and feel more pleasure in every part of your life, including learning how to love your body, mind, spirit, and environmental surroundings!)

In this practice, Lalita invites you to activate all 5 senses so you can understand what true PLEASURE feels like in your temple body. Pleasure is not only sexual. It invites us to LIVE with purpose, creativity, and passion. This is also known as the practice of Tantra, another misunderstood tradition. Tantra gives us a sacred permission slip to use our 5 senses (and our 6th sense of intuition) to stay present with EVERYTHING in our life- whether its making a bed, having sex, eating food, doing the laundry- Tantra is the PRACTICE of being aware of EVERYTHING, internally and externally.

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