Saraswati’s Voice Unleashed Ritual

Find Your Authentic Truth!

Home Practice 3

Often, the Saraswati woman is a MUSE, a creative influence, who serves as inspiration for others. She is the one who is in pursuit of her inner soul and will often have to give up partnership with her beloved for her own reasons or because a partner may not put up with her own self-absorption and time spent only on her own creations. Some women make their partner relationships primary, allowing them to take over every part of their life to such an extent that you may let everything else go. As a Saraswati woman, it is often in the non-partnering times of life, where you seem to flourish or seem to be more dedicated. On the flip side, why not have it all, a partner who supports your musings and creative flow? It is possible when we decide to tap into our own inner creativity.


Time: 20-25 minutes

Items Needed: Mantra from last session, Saraswati Adornments, candles, & journal















Journal with Saraswati

Tap into your heart center and request that your sacred feminine inspiration be released from your lips in a stream of empowered spoken word and then allow it to flow from you like water.


What new story are you creating?

What I’ve really wanted to say to this person is ___________

I’ve been pretending that___________

My most authentic truth in this moment is ____________


You may wish to do this in front of the mirror or write it out in a stream of consciousness first. Either way, the idea is to practice using language that will communicate clarity and your authentic truth first by yourself and then with other people.

If you want the challenge, try recording yourself being fully expressed and share it with the group! It can be super powerful and insightful to hear your own voice and to be witnessed in your creative power! No judgment, Just CREATE!


Music Credits:

Memories – Emmit Fenn