Saraswati’s Ritual of Deep Listening

Courting Your Own Intuition

Home Practice 2

I often ask myself the question, how do I stay inspired? The answer came to me one day: Inspiration lays within the deep listening to our intuition. Instead of trying to figure out answers mentally, listen with your heart and wait for the answers. Yes, thinking things through is an important aspect of problem-solving and decision-making. However, to receive downloads to unanswered questions in moments of uncertainty, we must bypass the thinking mind, especially the inner critic, and get quiet enough, focused enough to discern the voice of intuition.

Just how we do this though? One way is through something known as stream of consciousness. The second is through deep listening. Both of which you’ll experience by entering your Saraswati Secret Intuition Portal!

Insight arises, it is said, from above and below. Activation from above comes from above, the invisible realms, some call it a cosmic or divine download which seems to show up at random times. Activation from below comes from rooting yourself into the earth. It entails the insights we receive because of doing countless hours of research, practice, contemplation, discipline, working at the computer etc. The inspiration may feel dead, until one day, a crystallization occurs and the gifts begin to flow. This is that point where you’ve given it you’re all, the mind shuts off, your relax into and surrender. THAT’S when the AHA comes!


Time: 20-25 minutes

Items Needed: Your Mantra Created from Last Session, Saraswati Adornments, & journal

Journal with Saraswati:

Ask a question around a topic that’s important to you.


Once you’ve gone through the audio transmission in your Secret Saraswati Portal, write without censoring, without stopping, until nothing else comes out. Wait for the answer until it comes and if it doesn’t, just keep writing. Trust the process.


Re-read what you wrote. Now circle the words that jump out at you most. These are the keys to unlocking your intuition and inspiration. Write those words somewhere at the bottom.


Now string those words together and see what wants to come forth!


Place this along with your last mantra on your wall or somewhere you can see it as a constant reminder of your creative juiciness!


Sample Questions:

What does it mean to live my highest yes?

What does it mean to live out my most authentic truth?

What I fear most is __________...

Why do I __________?

What do I want to do about _______?

What does Nicole need in this moment?

Why am I so unhappy?



Music Credits:

Distant - Nuages