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My Story  
Upon visiting Costa Rica in 2015, I discovered something, and it changed the trajectory of my life. What I discovered was that, the more I tapped into my own sexuality through the expressive arts, and identified this piece that I’d kept hidden, the more FULL I felt. Not just in my intimate relationships, but in every area of my life. That was the happiest and most driven I had ever been.

So, I started to explore, research, and educate myself on the practices I learned there: Meditation, yoga, dance, art, and music. What I discovered is that the more I accessed my own creative spirit, my own sexual sovereignty, the more self-confident I became. I realized that sexuality isn't only about sex; It's about the juiciness and joy that I had been missing for so long! 

Out of the shame I had cultivated over 28 years of my life, and with the help of the feminine archetypes (the Goddesses), I had finally risen above the victim narrative, literally becoming the "SHERO" of my own story. Over the last six years, I've facilitated healing and empowerment to women all over the world. Here's what I've learned...

It was through DURGA
that I truly learned how to Choose Myself and Set Healthy Boundaries. QUAN YIN taught me the power of Self-love, Compassion, and Forgiveness. LAKSHMI taught me how to shift from a mindset of lack to one of Abundance and Gratitude, attracting more of my YES and less of my NO. It was through SARASWATI that I learned the art of letting go, going with the flow, tapping into my spontaneous creativity instead of being so rigid in all my life decisions. LALITA activated my inner sexual sacredness, giving me permission to love my body and have a NEW relationship with the image I hold with my body. She taught me my own creative juiciness and that it's ok to express my sensuality. And it was through Goddess KALI that I learned how to Destroy what no longer served me so I could Create the life I'd always dreamed about.

These are the inner aspects, inner qualities that were reflected back through each face of the Goddess. That when I tapped into each of these archetypes through different tailored practices, I took back my POWER, tapped into my CREATIVE, DIVINE SPIRIT, my INTUITION, and to this day, I continue to learn HOW to trust myself.

These are the very same practices you will receive when you CHOOSE YOURSELF! My greatest passion is empowering women who have been through some of the same struggles I've been through to see their own light, their own majestic, radiance and discover the inner QUEEN that exists within them even in their darkest hour!

Won't you Journey with Me on a Path to Self-Discovery, to Self-Love, and Powerful Alignment with Your Greatest Truth!?

Nicole received her bachelor's of arts in Music Therapy from Seton Hill University in 2010 and a Master of Arts from Saint Mary-of-the Woods College in 2012. She now owns her own Psychotherapy Private Practice, SolRiver Counseling, LLC working as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and PhD Candidate in the field of Mental Health and Clinical Sexology.