WEEKS 11 & 12: LALITA...

The sensuous one. This archetype reminds us of our erotic innocence. Not only seen in our sexuality, but she is found in all of the juiciness that life has to offer. We invoke Lalita when we desire to tap into our sensuality and the sweet nectar of life.

Watch the Video Below to Find Out More about Lalita and How She Can Help you
Channel Your Inner Sensual Queen!

What's Included in Week 11-12...

One Live Retreat Per Week to Embody Lalita's Essence:

Women Sharing & Support Group

3+ At-Home Practices to Embody Lalita's Energy:

Lalita's Sensual Connection Ritual

Embodying Lalita: Showing Up & Moving As Lalita

Lalita's Pleasurable Juiciness Ritual

And More...​