Walking as Durga Ritual

Bring Durga into Your World

Home Practice 6


I invite you now to go out into the world each day and be deliberate in your actions, metaphorically take out your sword of discernment and experiment in the laboratory called life!


If you are a controller:

Be silent instead of sharing your opinion or point of view.

Bite your tongue, so to speak, even when you are asked for your opinion.

Practice saying, “I was wrong.”


If you are a distractor:

Wait one minute between tasks.

Take some deep breaths and tune in to your body.

Do one thing at a time instead of multi-tasking.


If you are an isolator:

Move yourself to get out of your room and go to a social gathering

Make an intention to try and meet one new person per day.

Share a vulnerability with someone you know and trust.


If you are a pleaser:


Each day this week, I challenge you to say no so you can honor yourself and live more authentically.

Tune into whether the request of someone really feels like a “yes” to you. If not, practice saying NO.

When at someone’s house, don’t do the dishes or additional work.

If someone sends you an invitation to go out or connect and you really don’t want to, practice saying no.

Share your opinion the next time someone asks where you’d like to go for lunch.


What other ways can you show up in your life as Durga, the Graceful Warrior?


Now share the gifts or insights your received from doing this practice with our group.