Durga Inner Power Ritual:

Turn Your Fears into Strengths!

(Part II)

Home Practice 2

This week we take our ritual a step further and reflect upon how our fears are our strengths. How when we see them as strengths, instead of as our weaknesses, they become our allies. Trust the process as you go through this meditation and remain with it until the very end. This may bring up some memories/triggers. So, if you need to take a break, honor yourself by taking some time, and then come back to it.


Time: 20-25 minutes

Items Needed: Durga Adornments, candles, & journal

Deliberately choose comfortable items/clothes that will help you embody Durga.

Use the video I have created as inspiration to dress yourself as Durga!



Journal with Durga

Using the chart provided in your manual, write down any other fear/weakness that comes up for you in the first column. Then write down how it is also a strength. 

Once you have completed that, take it one step further and think of the things you survived and how those things made you stronger. Write those in the chart.



Music Credits:

Misty Mountains – Desert Dwellers (space mix)